Care & Maintenance

In kitchens where temperatures can be either very cold (do not install in an unoccupied site) or very humid then the level of maintenance required is greater, especially in the immediate days / weeks after installation. In these cases extra coats of worksurface sealant will be necessary to prevent drying out and warping.

In the immediate weeks after installation, regular maintenace is required. During this period you must use the Ultra Worksurface Sealant to prevent the wood from drying out and warping. Apply the sealant as directed. This is especially important in kitchens that are very humid or cold. Timber worksurfaces must not be installed in unoccupied premises.

Wood Care Kit

We offer an installation kit that is a necessity, it includes everything you need to keep your worktop in first class condition after installation.

A Care Kit will be sent out with every worktop order, the cost will be shown on all our quotations and invoices.


Contents of the Installation Kit

  • Installation Guide
  • Aluminium Foil (self adhesive) (2 sheets)
  • Aluminium (heat reflective) tape (1 roll)
  • Sanding Block (1)
  • Biscuits (4 wooden)
  • Butterfly Bolt (6)
  • Fixings Pack
  • (12 brackets/48 screws & washers) X 2 packs
  • Alcohol Wipes (pack of 2)
  • Silicone EU3 290ml (1)

Contents of the Care & Maintenance Kit (supplied with the Installation Kit)

  • Ultra Worksurface Sealant 375ml (1)
  • Ultra Fresh Mousse 150ml (1)
  • Disposable Gloves (pair)
  • Lint Free Cloths (2)
  • Sandpaper 180 grit* (1)
  • Sandpaper 240 grit* (1)
  • Sandpaper 500 grit* (1)
  • Abrasive Disc Pad* – White (1)
  • Care & Maintenance Book


An Installation Kit is also available to order (this also includes all the products contained in the Care Kit):


Important: Please read and follow instructions carefully when using care & maintenance products. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemicals to prevent any cracking, drying or other reaction to your skin.

For more comprehensive details of the care procedure for your Apollo® worksurface, see the Care and Maintenance booklet supplied with Installation Kit Kit.

Ultra Worksurface Sealant

Ultra Worksurface Sealant is ready to use straight from the tin. Please do not thin but stir thoroughly.

Ultra Worksurface Sealant should be used after a damaged area has been sanded.

Apply first coat thinly to sanded area and leave to dry over night (at least 8 – 10 hours) ensuring good ventilation.

Apply second coat to the face and all edges.

Apply one more coat to the face (3 in total) and when the final surface is thoroughly dry you can use the polishing pad to polish off the surface.

Please pay particular attention to the sink areas.

De – nib

This takes place after the second coat of Ultra Worksurface Sealant and helps to remove high spots and raised grain. 180 then 240 grit sandpaper is used to give a beautiful smooth finish. A lint free cloth or in some cases the white scotchbrite may be needed after the third coat.

Ultra Fresh

Specially formulated to freshen up and clean your worksurface, apply every 2 to 3 months, by simply sparingly spraying on your worksurface, then buffing with the lint free cloth provided.

Leaves no watermarks and is odourless when dry.


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