Olive Green Cross Cut Granite 20mm

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Olive Green Cross Cut Granite in 20mm thickness

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Discounted worktop made from natural materials of the highest quality from ex-stock lines, sold at clearance rates. We have one slab remaining of this popular material, please check additional information to ensure this is enough to meet your needs. This solid grade material is suitable for use as a table top. With a thickness of 20mm or less, this style could be used as a splashback or upstand.This style is also available in 0Cmm thickness.

As a UV stable material, this style is suitable for external use. Veined worktops such as this one have broad and inconsistent strokes and patterns across the surface. These result in designs which are beautiful and unique to you, but may make joints more apparant. This style has the appearance of large chips in the design. Larger chips create a more natural stone appearance, and are typically more random in nature. In some variants, these chip colours may vary significantly, creating a deeply rich and complex finish; a beautiful charactaristic often found in engineered & natural stone worktops.

About Granite

Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, formed by fusing minerals under immense heat and pressure under the earths surface. This process results in beautiful characteristics, such as veining, swirling and crystallisation, as well as a beautiful natural palette of colouration.

As a natural product, the exact colours and styling of each piece of granite is completely unique, often both to the individual slabs, and the quarries from which they are cut. Because of this, it should be noted that the images provided may not be wholly representative of the actual piece supplied. If you have concerns about this, please contact our service teams to request a sample or an image of the worktop material itself.

For all the unpredictability of its finishes, Granite is still prized as a premium  worktop surface used to exhume class and distinction in households and commercial premises across the globe. Each and every worktop made from Granite is a unique piece of art, crafted by nature herself.


Considerations when buying Granite

The edge detail can completely change the appearance of a worktop, although the more complicated the detail, the more the cost will be as a result of the additional work that has to be done, as this is very skilled and labour intensive.

A Double Bevel Edge is included in the linear metre price of a worktop, but all other edges carry an additional charge.

Available edges: Single Pencil, Double Bevel, Double Pencil, Full Bullnose, Single Ovolo, Imperial, Birds Beak, Milano & Venetian

Please note, Birds Beak, Milano and Venetian edge details are much thicker, as they require two worktops to be stacked to produce the final effect.

A return end could be considered to be the shaping detail of your worktop, either as a design choice, or to make your worktop fit your kitchen.

Return ends typically incur an additional cost, depending on complexity, and may affect the cost of your edge detailing depending on how this affects the front facing edge of your worktop.

Types of Return End:
Part/Full Return: A square finish
Single Radius: One rounded corner
Double Radius: Two rounded corners/ U shape
Double Notch: Square cutout at one corner
Triple Notch: Square cutout on one edge
External Splay: Split an external corner with a diagonal cut.
Internal Splay: Split an internal corner with one diagonal and one transverse cut.
Breakfront: Square cutout at two corners.
Curved: A straight edge with a curved extrusion.

Internal profile edges on all edge details other than Bevel must have a radius of at least 60mm to be machined effectively.

End Panels are sometimes used to continue your worktop design along a vertical edge. These designs are great when you want to carry on the aesthetic motif of your worktop, rather than, for example, using cabinet end panels.

We typically use a butt joint with a 5mm overhang for end panels, this means your work top will continue right to the end, and your end panel will rise to meet the underside with a slight recess.

If you prefer, we can also produce worktops with a Flush Butt Joint (which meets exactly), or a Mitred Butt Joint, where the cross-section will show a 45 degree join between the two pieces.

Granite upstands are affixed the the rear edge of your worktop, and stop an abrupt ending of your design.

We offer 60mm and 100mm upstands. Please note that as these will be cut from a different slab, there may be some slight variation in colour.

Because upstands will be made of the same rigid material as your worktop, plastering or tiling should be completed after the worktop installation. This will be the stage at which you fill any gaps between the wall and your new worktop.

Cutouts are essential for Granite worktops, as these will provide the space for your sinks(s) and hob to fit.

Hobs can either be square, or recessed – which means the surface around the cutout is lowered to allow your hob to fit flush.

For sinks, The edges can be left coarse, for when sinks are overmounted, or polished for under counter sinks that sit below the worktop. We can also produce cutouts for Belfast Sinks, where the front of the worktop is open.

When planning your layout, try to avoid placing hobs or sinks near worktop joints, as less material will make the worktop weaker in these areas.

You should leave:-
– 120mm between two hob cutouts
– 100mm between hob & sink cutouts
– At least 70mm between two sink cutouts
– 50mm gap between sink cutouts and the worktop edge.

Drainer grooves can be incorporated into your worktop and are a great way to create a smooth, uncluttered appearance when compared with buying a counter top draining solution.

Our 5-groove drainers consist of five rounded channels which lead towards your sink, allowing water to flow into your basin.

Recessed drainers are an alternative option, which means lowering a square section of your worktop around the sink, creating a draining area, ideal for use with rack systems, especially where undermounted sinks are used. Because these are manufactured separately, you may find the recession has a slightly less polished finish than the bulk of your worktop.

We recommend pairing Granite worktops with a stainless steel sink, typically mounted beneath the worktop itself.

We supply Franke and Apollo branded sinks, each of which can be either single, half, or paired 1.5 bowl combinations.

Please specify whether your sink is to be setup in the left-hand or right-handed position when deciding on extras.

We will fit your sink bowl at the same time as your worktop, but please note, this must be resealed by your plumber to validate your 12 months warranty. We will not complete plumbing works during our visit so please make prior arrangements to minimise disruption.

Where two worktop sections meet, for example, in an L-Shaped kitchen, we typically use a flat Butt corner joint, meaning one worktop section will continue to the corner, while the other will meet it on the long-edge.

Some edge details however will have more of an impact on the width of the edge profile, such as Imperial, Bullnose, Ovolo, Milano & Venetian. Where these edge details have been chosen, we will instead use a scribed corner joint.

For a scribed corner joint, where the two worktops meet at the inside corner, the joint cuts in at a 45 degree angle, allowing both pieces to continue the edge detail. After the necessary depth has been accommodated for, this 45 degree angle will then change to a right angle, allowing the two pieces to maintain a straight-edge join similar to that of a Butt Joint.

Joints are finished with a small ariss to the top edge. This is filled on installation with Silicone sealant to prevent water ingression.

A Care Kit will be sent out with every worksurface order, the cost will be shown on all our quotations and invoices.

Contents of the Kit
1 bottle of 500ml Stone Seal,
1 bottle of 500ml Antibacterial Stone Guard,
1 pair of disposable gloves,
1 Microfibre Cloth,
1 Care and Maintenance Booklet.

Stone Seal
Protection for your worksurface, apply and allow to dry fully.
Protects against stains caused by food and drinks such as coffee and tea etc.

Stone Guard
Stone Guard is an anti-bactericidal surface cleaner specially formulated to tackle grease and grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean with a residual antibacterial effect.

Important: Please read and follow instructions carefully before using either of the above products. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemicals to prevent any cracking, drying or other reaction to your skin.

Caring for your Granite

Remember, it is always easier to wipe up a spill than to have to deal with a dried-on stain.

Granite must not be rubbed with abrasive materials.

Wipe the worksurface, with a damp cloth and the Stone Guard cleaner, to remove any oils and fat. Buff dry with a soft white cloth.

If any stains need further attention, allow the Stone Guard 30 seconds contact time, before wiping and rinsing.

For more comprehensive details of the care procedure for your worksurface, see the Care and Maintenance booklet supplied with the Care & Maintenance Kit.

Although one of the least absorbent stones, Granite can be stained by grease, wine, coffee, sweet and sour, nicotine, fruit juices, even champagne!
Any spillage must be removed immediately from a Granite worksurface, delay could cause permanent damage.
Granite worksurfaces are sealed prior to despatch and upon installation, then every 6 months by your customer using the care and maintenance kit (may be required more frequently in high traffic areas).
Use the water test to identify if worktops require sealing:
Apply a drop of water to the surface, if the water beads on the surface, sealing is not required, if the water sinks into the surface or flattens out, sealing is required.
Our detailed care and maintenance brochure can be downloaded by clicking here. (465Kb)

Formed millions of years ago, granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, rating 7 on Mohs hardness scale.

A gap of at least 3mm should be left at each end of the worktop and filled with decorators caulk to account for thermal expansion; which can be as high as 1mm per metre.

Please note, that for us to maintain our low prices, our fitters often work alone. Additional labour will be required for any lifts exceeding 75Kg, please ensure you have made sufficient arrangements to help our installers work efficiently and safely.

Maximum worktop lengths are 2800 x 1300mm. Please bare this in mind while planning your worktop layout.

Please also take extra care to ensure your worktops are level and fixed securely prior to installation.

Pitting and Veining
As Granite is a natural stone, pitting and veining will occur in random distribution of swirls. Subtle variations in shade or areas of contrast will also appear within the body of the worksurface.

Fissures, Blemishes and Natural Flaws
Some level of what could be referred to as spots or blotches are inherent in the material. Small fissures are a common feature in any Granite and these natural flaws were present at the rock formation.

Colour Variation (Drainers)
Drainer grooves and recessed drainers may be duller than the rest of the polished surface. Colour matching is not always possible as granite can vary dramatically throughout each scant. Samples provided should be used as a guide only. We will not accept any colour match issues from material that has come from the same scant.

Additional information

Dimensions 2950 × 1400 × 20 cm

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