Example worktop costings

Below you’ll find some examples of typical kitchen layouts, along with a table showing the total costs of worktops for that layout.

Type A Kitchen ~ 3.9 linear metres

A “U” Shaped kitchen in this style is a great way to make use of space where doorways are positioned at one side of the room. Worktops at either side creates an ergonomic flow when preparing meals, and helps to keep hob, food prep and sink sections separate.

Type B Kitchen ~ 5 linear metres

Ideal for creating space. an “L” shaped kitchen has a minimal impact on floor space, creating room for a dining table or breakfast bar as a centrepiece to your kitchen. To really maximise storage, look to add extra shelving or cabinetry above your worktops, or try to introduce a storage island into your layout plan.

Type C Kitchen ~ 5 linear metres

Perfect for smaller properties with limited space, or for open-plan kitchens were the divide between the kitchen and living spaces may not necessarily be apparent, this “Narrow” kitchen plan design involves two symmetrical worktops to channel the kitchen into an efficient two-sided enclosure.

Typical Costs

 Type AType BType C
Granite Band 1 - 30mm£514.00£580.00£658.00
Granite Band 1 - 20mm£450.00£507.00£576.00
Apollo Quartz Band 1 - 30mm£519.00£572.00£665.00
Apollo Quartz Band 1 - 20mm£458.00£516.00£587.00
Zodiaq 20mm£609.00£687.00£780.00
Zodiaq 30mm£707.00£800.00£907.00
Silestone Band 1 - 20mm£577.00£650.00£740.00
Silestone Band 1 - 30mm£680.00£767.00£872.00
Solid Surface£564.00£635.00£722.00
Slab Tech 20mm£685.00£772.00£877.00
Slab Tech 30mm£765.00£862.00£980.00
Solid Wood 40mm£424.00£478.00£543.00
Solid Wood 27mm£335.00£378.00£430.00

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