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Care & Maintenance kit

We now offer, a Care & Maintenance Kit that is a necessity for every work surface. It includes everything you need to keep your work surface in first class condition, simply follow the instructions for a trouble free, good looking worktop.

Care & Maintenance Kit

A Care Kit will be sent out with every work surface order, the cost will be shown on all our quotations and invoices.

Care & Maintenance

Granite C&M Kit from £16

Contents of the Kit

1 bottle of 500ml Stone Seal,
1 bottle of 500ml Antibacterial Stone Guard,
1 pair of disposable gloves,
1 Microfibre Cloth,
1 Care and Maintenance Booklet.

Stone Seal

Protection for your worksurface, apply and allow to dry fully.

Protects against stains caused by food and drinks such as coffee and tea etc.

Stone Guard

Stone Guard is an anti-bactericidal surface cleaner specially formulated to tackle grease and grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean with a residual antibacterial effect.

Important: Please read and follow instructions carefully before using either of the above products. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemicals to prevent any cracking, drying or other reaction to your skin.

Every day cleaning:

Remember, it is always easier to wipe up a spill than to have to deal with a dried-on stain.

Granite must not be rubbed with abrasive materials.

Wipe the worksurface, with a damp cloth and the Stone Guard cleaner, to remove any oils and fat. Buff dry with a soft white cloth.

If any stains need further attention, allow the Stone Guard 30 seconds contact time, before wiping and rinsing.

For more comprehensive details of the care procedure for your worksurface, see the Care and Maintenance booklet supplied with the Care & Maintenance Kit.

  • Although one of the least absorbent stones, Granite can be stained by grease, wine, coffee, sweet and sour, nicotine, fruit juices, even champagne!
  • Any spillage must be removed immediately from a Granite worksurface, delay could cause permanent damage.
  • Granite worksurfaces are sealed prior to despatch and upon installation, then every 6 months by your customer using the care and maintenance kit (may be required more frequently in high traffic areas).
  • Use the water test to identify if worktops require sealing:
    Apply a drop of water to the surface, if the water beads on the surface, sealing is not required, if the water sinks into the surface or flattens out, sealing is required.
  • Our detailed care and maintenance brochure can be downloaded by clicking here. (465Kb)