Apollo Slab Tech Worktops

Apollo Slab Tech worktops – the 20 or 30mm thick solid surface worktop. Apollo Slab Tech worktops offer the warm and seamless look of standard solid surface, with a number of colours having the added appeal of the appearance of natural stone. Apollo Slab Tech worktops can be worked like hardwood and are simple to install.

*Our prices are for materials only. Please email sales@worktops.org, call us for a full estimate.

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  1. Hi
    Any chance I could have a sample for a customer of mine they like the Apollo slab tech sea mist
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Adrian!

      We only sell ex-stock lines of Apollo materials, Sea Mist unfortunately is still an active line. You might be able to request a sample from the manufacturer direct, or if they are willing to consider non-full bodied materials, we may have a few options:-

      Hope this helps!

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