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Apollo Quartz Worktops

Apollo Quartz Worktops

An Apollo Quartz worktop has the look and feel of granite or marble.  Made from 93% quartz and the remaining 7% polymer resin, Apollo Quartz worktops provide a much more consistent and solid colour for your kitchen worktop. Apollo Quartz worktops are beautiful and elegant, with the much sought after attributes of natural stone, but with enhanced colours not available in the natural world of granite. All the worktops have striking impact, including mirror flecks, natural stone appearances and modern concrete colour options.

  • Available in a selection of beautiful colours
  • Strong & durable worksurfaces
  • Scratch resistant worktops
  • Worktops are easy to clean
  • Non-porous and hygienic
  • Stain & heat resistant
  • No need to polish or seal the worktops
  • Crystalline quartz quality
  • Worktops are uniform in colour and thickness
  • 10 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

*Our prices are for materials only. Please email sales@worktops.org, call us for a full estimate.

Quote Request Help: Please input the number of linear metres you require (standard 600mm deep worktop). The quick quote calculator will estimate the worktop cost for you. Please contact our sales office if you require a different depth of worktop.

Colour Bands

Argento Black 20mm £42
Astro Black 40mm £53
Aviemore 30mm £102
Beige Chiaro 20mm £54
Black Forest 20mm £102
30mm £128
Black Marinace 20mm £32
Bluebell 15mm £34
Cappuccino 20mm £47
30mm £63
Ciel Noir 20mm & 30mm £57
Cocoa 20mm £46
30mm £60
Cosmic Black 15mm £42
Demerera 15mm £42
Desert Crystal
Desert Crystal
Desert Crystal 15mm £34
30mm £50
White Diamond
White Diamond
Diamond White 30mm £97
Grampian Beige 20mm £40
Grey Cloud 30mm £53
Hazelnut 30mm £60
Ice white worktop
Ice white worktop
Iceberg White 30mm £72
Jet Black 15mm £35
Misty Grey 20mm £39
Nile 20mm £83
Nougat 15mm £33
Olive Green Cross Cut 20mm £43
Oyster Grey 20mm £47
30mm £56
Pale Sand 30mm £60
Raven by worktops.org
Raven by worktops.org
Raven 20mm £76
Sapphire Blue 20mm £39
30mm £52
Satin Cream 15mm & 30mm £32
Satin Cream Korea 20mm £65
Scottish Rose 15mm £31
20mm £39
30mm £43
Seascape 15mm £22
20mm £27
30mm £34
40mm £56
Silver Dust
Silver Dust
Silver Dust 15mm £31
Sky Stardust 30mm £79
Steel 40mm £65
Strontium 15mm £31
30mm £56
Tangerine Dream 20mm £44
Titanium 15mm £29
Veined Michaelangelo 20mm £93
30mm £116
Verde Estela 30mm £72